Ibogaine treatment cost may vary between clinics, however, as a patient it is always recommended that you look for a professional facility that follows the strictest standards of medical safety.

Cost of an Ibogaine Treatment


Some Ibogaine treatment cost can be up to 10,000 dollars for a week, depending on the provider. More or less, most of them will include: private transportation to pick you up once you have arrived to the airport, room and board in a luxury house, one flood dose of Ibogaine, and medical supervision all throughout.


EKG Machine

Typically, medical services include:

  • EKG (before and during treatment)
  • Blood panel
  • Liver panel
  • 24hr medical staff
  • Medication to stabilize you if needed while you are getting ready for treatment
  • Flood Dose of Ibogaine HCL
  • Any medical equipment needed to assure your safety

Don’t Overpay

Ibogaine treatment can be rather expensive, however in a country like Mexico, the costs should be far more reasonable than elsewhere. Be careful not to pay US prices in Mexico, some unscrupulous providers might try to take advantage of you.

A large part of the Ibogaine treatment process is what is known as the integration phase. The integration phase consists mainly of the patient lying in bed after the visionary state, during which time, comfort is of extreme importance.

Many providers will advertise additional activities and other ammenities. However this is misleading, Ibogaine is a serious medical procedure, you are not here to sightsee. Plan for the focus of your trip to Baja Ibogaine to be the Ibogaine experience itself.

Don’t be fooled by offers of horseback and ATV riding, when you come to Baja Ibogaine we will keep you extremely comfortable. But if you want to see the local landmarks, we’re not the place for you.

It’s Not A Cure

Ibogaine is not a cure, while the Ibogaine’s extremely well documented effects on withdrawal are very much real, it does not cure addiction. You are going to have to pursue a lifetime of recovery when you leave Baja Ibogaine. Nevertheless, Ibogaine does mitigate the vast majority of withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms mitigated by Ibogaine:

  • Cold sweats
  • Hot sweats
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea

While withdrawal symptoms are scientifically proven to be greatly reduced by Ibogaine, drug cravings do not simply disappear. However, many patients do experience a massive reduction in cravings for their drug of choice.

Guarantees of success that sound too good to be true ARE indeed too good to be true.

Aftercare Is Critical

Ibogaine is extremely effective, but only when paired with thoughtful aftercare. Ibogaine is not a 1-click solution. You must be prepared to pursue a life of recovery. This includes but is not limited to things like:

  • SMART, NA, or AA meetings
  • Working with a professional therapist
  • Healthy Diet & Exercise
  • Positive lifestyle choices

Ibogaine Can’t Cure Autism

Unscrupulous providers are willing to sell patients Ibogaine for just about anything. Be mindful of this. Ibogaine is an extremely powerful chemical compound that can be used in wholesale transformation of the self. But Ibogaine is not capable of adding to your IQ, curing cancer, or treating autism. It can be used to help patients with Parkinson’s, but that is for another article.

Included Airfare

Book your own flights. It’s cheaper, less complicated and better for everyone involved. If a provider is offering you included airfare, run away fast.

Holistic BS

To reiterate, Ibogaine is a medical procedure. Under no circumstance, should anyone administer Ibogaine to a patient outside of a clinical context. There needs to be a doctor present to closely monitor the drugs effects on your heart. No, shamans are not qualified to administer Ibogaine in any context. You need a trained, licensed physician attending to your safety during treatment. Anything less is negligent.

During treatment a patient should be hooked up to (at a minimum):

  • Pulsimeter
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • 3 Lead EKG
  • IV

The patient should have a large staff of nurses there at all times in addition to the doctor. In the event of adverse reactions, having a team of trained professionals will make all the difference. Unscrupulous providers will try to cut corners by running skeleton crews or worse, using unlicensed staff. Things can easily get out of control when unprofessional people are present. So do yourself or your loved one a favor, use a clinical team like the one present at Baja Ibogaine.

Ibogaine is completely safe when administered by clinical professionals. No shaman, unless he or she also holds a medical license is qualified to administer Ibogaine under any circumstance.

Come to Baja Ibogaine

We at Baja Ibogaine pride ourselves in taking extreme caution. We are a team of professionals that know how to administer Ibogaine safely. Combined, we have decades of experience dealing with this chemical compound. We understand it deeply and can help you get the most of you experience in the safest manner possible. Don’t settle for less.