• 07 October 2019

Baja Ibogaine Brand Asset Style Guide

The following document is meant to be used as a Brand asset style guide. It is important for us to be recognizable across the web. We hope that this will...

  • 04 October 2019

Blogging Into The Wind

A big part of our plans are to consolidate the Ibogaine business taking place in Baja under one single entity; hence the name. We believe that quality control is extremely...

  • 03 October 2019

Lessons On Humility

A vital ingredient for genuine recovery is extreme humility. We were reminded of this by a recent patient who we sent back home. The patient was a talented young man...

  • 02 October 2019

True Recovery Podcast Preview

Baja Ibogaine is in the process of launching a podcast that we are calling True Recovery. This podcast will be the first of what we think will become the next...

  • 01 October 2019

Monthly Review - September 2019

September was an extremely interesting month here at Baja Ibogaine. We have successfully launched our new website and overall redesign. We provided Ibogaine treatments to a size-able number of extremely...

  • 26 September 2019

Greencamp Article by Helena Miles about Ibogaine

It’s not often that an in-depth, throughly researched article about Ibogaine is published on the internet. But Helena Miles has accomplished just that. Can Ibogaine Treat Your Opioid Addiction? is...

  • 26 September 2019

The Fresh Toast Article about Psychedelic Psychiatry

TheFreshToast.com is a cannabis news site that calls itself, “the most trusted name in cannabis.” Recently they published a piece titled, “Psychedelic Research Could Provide Answers For Various Psychiatric Disorders”...

  • 23 September 2019

Ibogaine Featured on Channel 10 San Diego

Today, Ibogaine was featured in a story by Channel 10 San Diego. Worth a look: Opioid addicts seek alternative treatment in Mexico by Rachel Bianco

  • 21 September 2019

WIRED published a piece on Ibogaine

A resident physician at Massachusetts General And Brigham & Women’s Hospitals, in Boston, named Clayton Dalton did a write up for WIRED magazine about Ibogaine treatment a week ago. The...

  • 16 September 2019

Launching Our New Website

Today marks the launch of BajaIbogaine.com. We are proud to present a new face to the public. But this is only the beginning, in the coming months we will be...