A Name You Can Trust

At Baja Ibogaine we seek excellence in everything we do. Part of operating in the psychedelic scientific community means working with other providers all of the time. With that in mind he have launched the Baja Ibogaine Network. The Baja Ibogaine Network is a wide network of affiliated doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, shamans, and other providers that we at Baja Ibogaine have personally worked with. We only work with the best, so when you see the following:

Baja Ibogaine Network Logo

You know that the provider adheres to the highest standard of care. Think of our network as an ever expanding team of outside affiliates that we collaborate with and sometimes reccommend to patients. When you see the Baja Ibogaine Network Badge, you know you can expect the highest level of care available in Rosarito. Feel free to contact us to verify affiliation if you are unsure.

Join Our Network

If you are a provider and you wish to join the Baja Ibogaine Network, simply send us an email at info@bajaibogaine.com with the subject: JOIN THE NETWORK. We ask that you include your name, contact information, and a breif paragraph telling us about your practice, experience, and personal details.

If you don't have a website or other digital presence, our team can help you establish one, free of charge. Our mission is to continually improve the level of care provded to any person visiting Rosarito for psychedleic treatment.