Psychedelic Legalization Efforts

As the ballot initiatives in support of psychedelic legalization1 gather steam across the United States, many prospective patients are beginning to wonder if ibogaine treatment is available in California and the broader United States. After all, the #1 location in the world for ibogaine is Baja California, so in a way it’s easy to make the mistake.

As the premier ibogaine recovery clinic in the world we welcome the unfolding psychedelic renaissance. We have been at the tip of that spear for 8 years and we plan to continue leading the charge. Indeed we cheer when we hear of places like Oakland or Denver decriminalizing psychedelics. The psychedelic movement is making enormous strides and we are happy to be a small but consistent part of what history will no doubt call progress.

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Nevertheless, we are still very far away from true legalization. And while we hope to be giant participants in the progress we are now seeing, we feel it is important to explain to prospective patients that there is no legal option and therefore no safe option for ibogaine in the United States.

Federal Law

Unfortunately ibogaine and all other psychedelics are Schedule 1 substances under the Controlled Substances Act2 and Federal drug policy strictly prohibits the use of such substances.

You are perhaps familiar with this state of affairs from the situation that exists with marijuana. This is the reason you cannot use a credit card to purchase marijuana at a dispensary3 when you visit places like California. And… this is the reason that you will never be able to find a board-certified doctor in the United States willing to administer ibogaine treatment in the United States.

Ibogaine Treatment California Style

In California you may be able to find hip man calling himself a “provider” but he will not be a medical doctor. This is cruciall important because a flood dose of ibogaine is a medical procedure. And because no doctor will administer ibogaine in the United States, patients next best option is to travel to Baja California and receive treatment from a licensed doctor here, while retaining access (30 minutes) to US medical attention. For this reason, Baja California has become the number one location for ibogaine administration in the world.

No Doctors In The USA

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To go a bit deeper into this we think it is important to point out that it is impossible to have a doctor supervise ibogaine treatment in the United States because no legitimate doctor would risk his or her medical license overseeing an illegal situation 4.

Ibogaine in California does occasionally happen, but when it does, the people engaged in such activity are committing federal crimes by participating. In short, underground ibogaine in the united states is inherently dangerous due to its illegality. This is unfortunate, and will likely not be case forever, but as of 2020, this is the case, end of story.

Underground = Dangerous

Providers in California will sometimes promise to be the cheapest ibogaine clinic for people who feel they cannot travel to Mexico. Insofar as ibogaine in California is occurring it is certainly not being done in a hospital, nor is it being supervised by licensed medical professionals. And for this reason, it is being done in an unsafe manner. Only Ibogaine clinics that tell you where they are, and more importantly, who they are, are safe.

Some of the best ibogaine treatment centers are located at K38 under the open embrace of the Cristo (Christ of the Sacred Heart). People go to France for the food, wine, and romance, but they come to BAJA for ibogaine5.

Do It Right, Come To Mexico

We at BAJA IBOGAINE are aware that traveling to Mexico for ibogaine treatment can cost you a week of work and is a large financial commitment. That is why we go above and beyond, every single time, for every single patient. We understand the trust you place in us and we never have unsatisfied customers.

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We are an ibogaine Mexico treatment center and we pride ourselves on being detail oriented with every single thing that we do. When it comes to making your choice about which ibogaine clinic to visit in Rosarito, Mexico, you should come and see us for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you. Your journey of a thousand miles begin when you pick up the phone and call.

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