At BAJA IBOGAINE, we provide the most clinical administrations of Ibogaine in all of Mexico. Our facility is an enormous mansion located in the hills overlooking the world-famous K38 surf break. Come spend a few days with us beside the 80 foot tall statue of Jesus Christ in Rosarito, Mexico. We are mere minutes away from the San Diego border, let our drivers pick you up from San Diego International and shuttle you to our luxury Ibogaine treatment center today.

desk inside our luxury ibogaine treatment center


We offer a chic setting to unwind and prepare for your journey. Enjoy interior spaces custom designed by our in-house designer to evoke feelings of renewal and calm. Dine intentionally on meals prepared by our experienced chef. And find time alone in your private bedroom with accompanying private bathrooms to journal, meditate, or rest (or Netflix).

woman inside private luxury ibogaine clinic

Treatment Center

BAJA IBOGAINE is a private luxury ibogaine clinic with a brand new hot tub with world-class views. Engage with our professional counselors one on one daily. Your future is our business; we will get you to where you need to be once you settle in at our luxury ibogaine treatment center.

Enjoy San Diego sunshine when you visit BAJA IBOGAINE, our luxury ibogaine treatment center is only 10 miles from the US border. Get yourself to San Diego International airport, and one of our private drivers will pick you up and take you to our private luxury ibogaine clinic. The drive south often takes as little as thirty minutes. Be in Baja at BAJA IBOGAINE, ready to change your life for the better in no time.

Private Ibogaine Treatment

Experience Ibogaine in real privacy. Our ibogaine treatment facility is located up in the hills above K38. Hear the waves crashing beneath you each night as you fall asleep, without the overcrowding and noise of the beach. Our luxury Ibogaine treatment center can provide you with genuine tranquility being situated outside the earshot of local traffic and nosy neighbors.