Over the last decade, supplements and vitamins have seen an explosion in demand. As a result, some of the most commonly purchased supplements are those that aid and facilitate better sleep. Chief among these sleep aids is the supplement known as melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the human body. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle, and the pineal gland is primarily responsible for its release.

Routes of administration vary but is most commonly taken orally. However, this route of administration is far from ideal, especially when one is using melatonin to fall asleep.

Our experiences at BAJA and IBOGAINE have shown us that melatonin is more often than not administered sub-optimally. It seems to us that the single biggest reason for this is that melatonin is (usually) marketed in the wrong fashion.


On store shelves, the majority of melatonin products offer themselves in amounts that are far too large. These quantities (5-10mg) serve primarily to help people stay asleep. This is not necessarily a bad thing except for the fact that this is probably not why the majority of people are purchasing melatonin supplements at their local pharmacy.

Studies show that 1-3 mg is the sweet spot for melatonin dosing when being used to help people fall asleep. Doses outside of this range are known to have adverse effects on the other side of the sleep-wake cycle, namely grogginess in the morning.

This manifests itself in waking and feeling groggy because more substantial doses of melatonin make it harder for the individual to wake. Therefore many people use melatonin to fall asleep only to find that it is not particularly effective. Ironically, people also find that it makes waking up even harder. This is not a great outcome.


Another misunderstood aspect of melatonin is the format. By format, we mean the method of ingestion. Format is another area in which the marketing is woefully out of line with peoples’ end goals.

Multiple studies have shown that the single most important consideration when taking melatonin is getting it into the bloodstream as quickly and efficiently as possible. Swallowing a pill or capsule containing melatonin increases the time to action very significantly.

This is because the melatonin pill, when swallowed, must pass into the stomach and then be absorbed therein. This process takes a fair amount of time before the melatonin can become fully dissolved by the stomach and then incorporate into the bloodstream. A much simpler and more elegant solution does exist.


This is the sublingual route. Melatonin, taken sublingually, allows for the supplement to be dissolved into the bloodstream much more quickly and efficiently. Sublingual administration is considered 3-10x more rapid than traditional oral ingestion.

Many people are taking melatonin right before bed, only to have it hitting their bloodstream an hour or more from the moment of administration. While some people are using melatonin to stay asleep, the marketing tells us that the companies selling these products know that most people use melatonin to go to sleep (not to stay asleep.)

When you combine both of these findings, what you realize is that most people take melatonin in quantities far above what is necessary. Furthermore, you begin to see that oral administration is an entirely sub-optimal route of administration, especially when used to help people fall asleep.

The best method for melatonin ingestion is sublingually, and the best range of dosage for persons seeking assistance with falling asleep is between 1-3 mg.


At BAJA IBOGAINE, we use either liquid melatonin or melatonin fast dissolving tablets, which are meant to be placed under the tongue and dissolved, not swallowed.

At BAJA IBOGAINE, we try to live by an ethos of discovery and curiosity. This ethos defines everything we do here at BAJA IBOGAINE, and we are proud to share our findings. Our findings are grounded in real people, real experiences, and real understanding.

Because Ibogaine is experienced as a heavy stimulant in the days after a flood dose, we have a lot of experience helping patients fall asleep. As such, we have learned a ton about melatonin. We hope that you have enjoyed this article detailing our experiences with melatonin.

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