Why You Come

Ibogaine is the Mt. Everest of psychedelics, there is nothing that comes even close to a flood dose of Ibogaine. Ibogaine takes you on a journey into the core of your very being. Some people use Ibogaine to help them overcome addiction, but many others come seeking an alternative to the failure that is modern western psychiatry. Either way, all come with one goal in mind, personal growth. Ibogaine is simply a tool, in order to use it effectively, you must first desire to change your life. Ibogaine quiets the default mode network and allows you to see your self from a completely new perspective.

Find Perspective

Ibogaine provides patients with an extraordinary oneiric (dreamlike) experience. Many people report experiencing a complete life-review, others call the experience 10,000 hours of therapy in one sitting. This process helps people to confront what Jung calls our shadow.

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodies in an individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.— Carl Jung

By reliving past events, often from the perspective of others, we are given the chance to re-examine our must fundamental assumptions about our selves. Oftentimes, profound revelation occurs when the participant is willing and ready to face their shadow. The human experience is full of joy and sorrow, pain and ecstasy, and all of it accumulates into what we is sometimes called the ego, but can best be understood as simply, the self. A flood dose of Ibogaine, provides us with a fresh examination of who we are. In short, it provides the participant with a different perspective of their life.

How It’s Done

Ibogaine HCL is administered to patients in a hospital. Ibogaine is hard on the heart, it’s completely safe, so long as there is a medical physician present to monitor the patient. With a large staff of attendant nurses, we ensure that you are comfortable and completely safe while you embark on this most profound journey.

Flood Dose Of Ibogaine

Ibogaine is administered in ranges between 12-24 mg/kg of bodyweight. The Ibogaine HCL is given in capsule form, but before any of that, our staff of trained medical professionals will prepare you for treatment. We will insert an IV, which allows us to administer anti-nausea medication as well as keep you hydrated. We will place a blood pressure cuff on your arm and a pulsimeter on your finger. Finally, and most importantly, we will attach a 3-lead EKG, which allows us to monitor your heart.

Shortly after you ingest the Ibogaine, you will begin to experience some of it’s effect. Many report hearing a faint whirring (or buzz) in their ears. This is often the first sign that the Ibogaine is taking hold. As you fall deeper into the experience you will begin to experience visions. Many describe it as seeing a movie projected onto the inside of their eyelids. The experience will be felt. You will feel as though you are genuinely there, inside the experience.

If you have taken the preparation seriously, your experience will construct itself around and upon the deep introspective questions we asked you to write down in your flight plan prior to treatment. Many patients report seeing seminal moments from their past, often reliving them from the perspective of others.

This process is often quite painful (emotionally), but this is not to be feared. Jung says that:

To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light. - Carl Jung

In confronting your shadow, you are able to glean previously inaccessible truths about your self. You become able to unlock a new perspective. Nothing worth having is ever easy, and so, the process during which you confront your shadow will not be a cake walk.

Becoming Well

Unlocking and examining repressed memories leaves patients with the feeling of weight being lifted. This is known as catharsis. Our shadows are like heavy invisible stones that we carry upon our backs as we navigate our way thru the world. By confronting our shadow and seeing it from a different perspective, we are able to lighten this load considerably.

Catharsis - The purification of the emotions by vicarious experience, esp. through the drama (in reference to Aristotle’s Poetics).— The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) 2nd Edition

Many people report feeling reborn after their flood dose, as though they have returned to a purer form of themselves. This is because the Ibogaine experience allows us to confront our shadow and distinguish between what is truly them, and what is simply maladaptive behaviors.

In the days following treatment, patients feel like they have a choice. The deep grooves of their behavior feel filled in. There is a sense of renewal. In the case of addiction, the addict sees that that they are not their addiction. That the addiction need not define them, nor that they need continue to be a part of who they are, because it isn’t.

Restore Your Confidence

This re-birth engenders a new confidence in the person. The future seems a blank canvas, and the patient feels an invigorated sense of agency. In the case of addiction, a patient no longer feels like their addiction is insurmountable, instead, they feel a quiet confidence that they can indeed pursue a life of recovery. Instead of viewing it as a sacrifice, they see it as an opportunity and a gift.

This is the power of perspective. Ibogaine is not the only tool that can provide it. There are endless tools that enable people to experience a profound shift in perspective. Therapy, meditation, god, community, are but a few examples. If you want to try Ibogaine, give us a call.